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Kulani Abendroth-Dias - kulanidias(at)gmail.com
Year of graduation: 2020

"I moved to Brussels to immerse myself in the EU policymaking process. The Euromaster was a great way to learn about the institutions in depth, while meeting people at the Commission and various other industrial, non-profit, and academic organizations. I particularly enjoyed how professors combined theory with practical examples, and academic and professional experiences, to deliver more informed lectures. Most valuable are the specializations: I was able to study at the intersection of economics and security, paving the way to break down silos in my professional career."

Jade Tenwick (Ireland/South Africa) - jadetenwick(at)gmail.com
Year of graduation: 2020

"The Euromaster provided the opportunity to deepen my knowledge on the EU policy-making process and to specialise in the policy fields of migration, security and EU external affairs. The experience complemented my career path having worked in the EU institutions and NGOs in Brussels, and was also manageable with my work schedule."

Dominikos K. Chrysidis (Greece) - contact(at)chrysidis.eu
Year of graduation: 2019

"The EuroMaster is an intensive postgraduate journey along the topmost elements of the EU project with fascinating interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary elements, in the heart of Europe. I enjoyed a lot learning how the EU works in depth, through the high-quality teaching of the VUB faculty and the first-hand experience of invited speakers at IES events. Brussels is the ideal and a very cool place to do this!"

Laura Benbow (United States of America) - laura.benbow(at)gmail.com
Year of graduation: 2019

"As an American who is looking to work in the international sphere, I know I invested wisely in my career by undertaking the EuroMaster. For me, it was incredibly important to have an international qualification from a highly regarded university, that not only has allowed me to hone cross-applicable professional skills, but further develop my expertise in EU policy and security and development. This degree will provide me with the tools I need to further excel in my professional endevors."

Tim Bogaert (Belgium) -TimRMBogaert(at)gmail.com
Year of graduation: 2019

"From creating unexpected network opportunities to uncovering a fascination with the green transition, this advanced master's degree has significantly changed my career trajectory. While I started this degree with a firm focus on international relations, I now find myself engrossed in climate and energy policy, which can be attributed to the excellent classes and professors."

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