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Dominikos K. Chrysidis (Greece) - contact(at)chrysidis.eu
Year of graduation: 2019

"The EuroMaster is an intensive postgraduate journey along the topmost elements of the EU project with fascinating interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary elements, in the heart of Europe. I enjoyed a lot learning how the EU works in depth, through the high-quality teaching of the VUB faculty and the first-hand experience of invited speakers at IES events. Brussels is the ideal and a very cool place to do this!"

Laura Benbow (United States of America) - laura.benbow(at)gmail.com
Year of graduation: 2019

"As an American who is looking to work in the international sphere, I know I invested wisely in my career by undertaking the EuroMaster. For me, it was incredibly important to have an international qualification from a highly regarded university, that not only has allowed me to hone cross-applicable professional skills, but further develop my expertise in EU policy and security and development. This degree will provide me with the tools I need to further excel in my professional endevors."

Tim Bogaert (Belgium) -TimRMBogaert(at)gmail.com
Year of graduation: 2019

"From creating unexpected network opportunities to uncovering a fascination with the green transition, this advanced master's degree has significantly changed my career trajectory. While I started this degree with a firm focus on international relations, I now find myself engrossed in climate and energy policy, which can be attributed to the excellent classes and professors."

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